I am a plumber with plumber's knees. I have used the Joint & Tissue Salve for only 1 week on my knees and I have less pain and have found a greater range of motion already!  Thank you!
~Dan K.

I LOVE this BBQ sauce! It is so addicting! It has the best balance of flavors of any BBQ sauce I've ever tried. You can also adjust the recipe so easily to the volume you want, and to the amount of heat you want. I've used it on chicken, pork chops, and any kind of meat I want. I wish it was sold by the 55 gallon drum!

I have cooked from these awesome cookbooks and my favorite is the No wheat grinder recipes....WOW. I have had wheat sitting in my food storage without a grinder not knowing what to do with it. This little book helped me make a cake with out grinding the wheat, pancakes and even main dishes that my family loves. I highly recommend these books. Good for you and your family.

I just watched the video on making the meatballs... absolutely incredible! I'm excited to try using wheat by doing your boiling method. Thanks!

I'm a college student and I'm learning how to cook.  These books have helped me to not only become comfortable in the kitchen, but helps me save money as well.  Not to mention that the food is absolutely wonderful!

I could eat a million of the Pancakes that use no flour!  They are so good!

You are so sweet! Thank you for these wonderful recipes. I'm so new to most of the spice world & am looking forward to trying them all.