We should all be striving to refine ourselves in some way, all the time. . . in mind, in health, in spirit.  Refinement is just the taking charge over little things that will enhance one's existance.

February Post:


In keeping with the theme of the Kitchen Hearth, a woman’s attitude in the kitchen is vital. Sometimes we are pressed for time to get the meal done, or sometimes we just had a bad day. Whatever the reason for a sour disposition, this month, refine yourself for mealtime happiness. Schedule ahead for those days you know will be hectic. Have an extra casserole in the freezer ready for those unexpected busy days. On a bad day, give yourself some extra time to relax and recoup a few minutes before starting the evening meal. Whatever your life may need for you to bring happiness and well-being to meal time. . . do it. Your rewards will be treasured.

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