The house needs to be taken care of.  It just does.  Just like a person, it gets messy, it gets dirty, it breaks at times.  Your home is a place of living, not a museum on display!  But, it does need care.  By simply choosing one thing to help keep your home nice (not spotless mind you, because you will go crazy if that is what you are shooting for!) and by doing that one thing until it becomes a habit, over just a few weeks (or months) you will be in a habit of keeping your home in a relatively nice order all the time.

February Post:

My home is definitely lived in!  But, it is in a decent order most of the time.  The very best thing you can do to show order in your home is that whatever you do, do it with a semblence of order.  If you sew, have a trash by your side to throw away cut threads.  If you are in the middle of a project and have to put it away for a time (like to get dinner going) put the project in a nice pile and tuck it in a corner

(You'll notice in the picture that I have some canning set aside neatly under a dish towel until I know for sure that they have sealed.)

Then when someone comes into your home and they see your project pile, they will most likely think to themselves - Hmmm, she must be working on a project; not - Hmmm, there's a bit of a mess there.  See the difference?  And it will never take any more than 5 minutes to neatly pile something you've been working on into a corner.  That's it.  Easy.  And you will rest at ease about it.

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